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Privacy, Security, Encryption Today, while I was trying to create a SIP Presence account for VoIPBuster, Pidgin kept crashing. I had to find its settings in my personal folder in order to manually edit the accounts.xml file and remove the entry (so Pidgin could start up again normally instead of keep crashing on load). When I opened the accounts.xml file with a plain text editor, all the passwords of all my accounts were listed out in the open in plain text. This is not a new issue, it was discussed many times before, but it can still be a surprise for most users.
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RE: Here's another scenario.
by adkilla on Wed 23rd May 2007 05:50 UTC in reply to "Here's another scenario."
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You could create an account or profile that has access to the file containing the passwords and then remove admin or any other user access to that file. This way only the owner of the file could access it. The application accessing the file would need to request the credentials from you and authenticate with either GINA or ActiveDirectory to gain access. Or you could just run that application as the user that has access to the file.


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