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PC-BSD LinuxHelp has reviewed PC-BSD. "PC-BSD is turning out to be an excellent alternative to other desktop operating systems. After testing and using PC-BSD for some time now, I can't but admire the sheer amount of work that is put into creating, developing and molding an OS for the lay person albeit with a strong slant towards FreeBSD. The fact that PC-BSD is able to accomplish all the tasks expected by an end user - be it using the Internet for communication, listening to music, watching movies or using it for recreation purposes holds it in good stead as a viable desktop operating systems."
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RE[4]: I love PC-BSD
by Flatland_Spider on Wed 23rd May 2007 13:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: I love PC-BSD"
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The firewall should be set up by the system administrator one, in the beginning. The administrator is the one who knows which ports to open and which services to enable. The user should not need to know. But because most users today are their own system administrators, the requirement for a secure setting at install time is there.

True, a sysadmin should just set the firewall rules and forget about it. You're thinking enterprise situations where the end user works with a sealed box. For the home user it's a little bit different situation. They usually aren't the most technically savvy people, and they usually don't read instructions. It's a great boon to them to be able to click through a GUI. Even I like having a GUI sometimes if I'm going to be experimenting with software; it's a good way to quickly change settings repeatedly. It's also nice if I'm going into a pre-configured environment like PC-BSD is.

The default PF settings for PC-BSD work for 99% of situations, it is turned on by default. There is a GUI to edit them, but it's not the easiest thing to use. It's actually more complicated then learning how to editing the PF text file. I would much prefer them to have something like Linux's Firestarter, this may be specific to Unbuntu, I don't know I don't spend that much time with linux, which allows quick control of the firewall.

Basically, a GUI Firewall editor is a luxury, and PC-BSD doesn't have a good one right now. Given that they are aiming to be a good entry level desktop OS, it's a hole in their strategy. I prefer full blown FreeBSD, but PC-BSD is a good entry point for people just needing desktop OS or wanting an introduction to the BSDs.

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