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GTK+ Often I complain that GTK+ documentation (non-reference) is non-existent. The few GTK+ books that were ever written are now old and most of their included source code does not even compile anymore. All hail "Foundations of GTK+ Development" by Andrew Krause.
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RE[3]: Another Book
by michi on Wed 23rd May 2007 17:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Another Book"
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But if one is going to with a higher level VM language, I would go with SWT / Eclipse RCP.

SWT is an API that in turn calls native APIs of three (currently) different native APIs: Win32, MacOSX, and GTK.

I personally really like Qt Jambi, the Java language bindings for Qt. And the best thing is, you can even use them with Scala ( Scala is a modern general purpose programming that integrates features of functional and object oriented languages and it runs on the Java VM.

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