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PC-BSD LinuxHelp has reviewed PC-BSD. "PC-BSD is turning out to be an excellent alternative to other desktop operating systems. After testing and using PC-BSD for some time now, I can't but admire the sheer amount of work that is put into creating, developing and molding an OS for the lay person albeit with a strong slant towards FreeBSD. The fact that PC-BSD is able to accomplish all the tasks expected by an end user - be it using the Internet for communication, listening to music, watching movies or using it for recreation purposes holds it in good stead as a viable desktop operating systems."
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RE[7]: I love PC-BSD
by Doc Pain on Wed 23rd May 2007 17:50 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: I love PC-BSD"
Doc Pain
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"My opinion is that computing shouldn't be kept in the hands of a small group of elitist sysadmins. This is what the FOSS community is trying to do, or at least trying to convince us."

I'm not claiming the opposite and I'm supporting this idea, because it's completely valid. But isn't it possible to assume a minimal amount of education present, or at least the ability gain the needed means?

I don't think driving cars should be kept in the hands of a small group of elitist stunt drivers. But driving a car requires a certain education. To be more explicit, what about guns? They should not be limited to army personnal. Everybody should have a gun. No need to know anything. No? No, of course not!

Using a computer still requires some knowledge, no matter how you turn it. GUIs and applications that evolve did a great work in bringing computing power to the public. But some individuals still have strange assumptions, though. Joe User first has to understand that he is responsible for what he's doing and nobody else. If this is granted, everything else won't be any problem.

What if something does not work? Joe User assumes someone else to solve his problems. I am glad to be able to fix most problems by myself. This is because I've invested time in education and practice. If someone else can't (or simply is not willing to), he cannot complain. This is what computer technicans are usually paid for. "Why should I have to pay you for fixing my computer?!" :-)

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