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Hardware, Embedded Systems If online articles and blogs are any indication of things, the number of Linux users migrating to, and satisfied with, Ubuntu GNU/Linux seems to be staggering. Given that, it was only a matter of time before a capable company had the resources to offer accessible, affordable Linux desktops and notebooks that delivered the way that Apple's products have. Colorado-based System76 sent us their Darter Ultra for review, and proved that there is an OEM hardware/software combination capable of being the primary PC for the general public.
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RE[3]: Also Price
by nemith on Thu 24th May 2007 15:41 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Also Price"
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And a smaller trackpad, no camera.... and the big kicker: DVI out. I can hook my computer up to my plasma a display photos, or movies, or.... whatever.

I think the better deal is still the Macbook. I don't want to pay 300 bones for a a card reader and a "better located USB".

After using my macbook for a month now I have never thought to myself, "Hey... I wish this laptop had a better located USB port"

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