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GNU, GPL, Open Source Richard Stallman, chair of the Free Software Foundation, said on Thursday that the Linux trademark fracas in Australia has distracted attention away from the real issue - that of freedom to distribute and change software.
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RE[2]: More Stallman antics
by Ringheims Auto on Sun 28th Aug 2005 09:30 UTC in reply to "RE: More Stallman antics"
Ringheims Auto
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"How about we name every single piece of software in the system, like Linux/GNU/Gnome or Linux/GNU/KDE etc.? "

Well, in fact that's what they say:
"If you feel that X11 deserves credit in the system's name, and you want to call the system GNU/X11/Linux, please do. If you feel that Perl simply cries out for mention, and you want to write GNU/Linux/Perl, go ahead."

To me I would call it something like "GNUx", this slash-business really isn't practical for names (what do you do about URLs etc).

Anyways, it IS strange naming a whole OS after the kernel, no one else does or has ever done. It also makes it uncertain wether you talk about the OS or the kernel when you say "Linux".

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