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OSNews, Generic OSes "Those in search of eternal life need look no further than the computer industry. Here, last gasps are rarely taken, as aging systems crank away in back rooms across the U.S., not unlike 1970s reruns on Nickelodeon's TV Land. So while it may not be exactly easy for Novell NetWare engineers and OS/2 administrators to find employers who require their services, it's very difficult to declare these skills -- or any computer skill, really -- dead." My Take: "C" dying should have been "x86 Assembly".
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by amaze_9 on Thu 24th May 2007 23:34 UTC in reply to "Seconded"
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Or, you'll find a guy who is making well into 6 figures at any major low-level software house: Microsoft, Intel, Apple, IBM, Atmel, Via, Nvidia, etc. Heck, I think Gnome is programmed in 'C'.
You know what I'm going to say...

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