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General Development "Hoard is a scalable memory allocator (malloc replacement) for multithreaded applications. Hoard can dramatically improve your application's performance on multiprocessor machines. No changes to your source are necessary; just link it in. Hoard scales linearly up to at least 14 processors. The supported platforms include Linux, Solaris, and Windows NT/2000/XP."
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RE: how to know i'm using hoard?
by Elektronkind on Sat 26th May 2007 14:46 UTC in reply to "how to know i'm using hoard?"
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On Solaris, just run: pldd <pid>

Where <pid> is the PID of the process you want to make sure is runing with the Horde library. pldd is just like ldd, but is for use against running processes rather than just binaries.

I don't know if Linux or other OSes provide a tool for doing this.

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