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Amiga & AROS In yet another set of legal documents in the Amiga-Hyperion court case, it is revealed that AmigaOS 4 was ported to run on the Mac Mini (the PowerPC version, obviously), or, at least, that the port was in a very advanced state. The information was found in an email exchange between Bill McEwen of Amiga and Nicola Morocutti of VirtualWorks, about the latter obtaining a license to sell AmigaOS 4 together with the Sam 440ep board as well as, apparently, to sell boxed copies of AmigaOS 4 for the Mac Mini.
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RE: Mac OS Users
by iskios on Mon 28th May 2007 11:50 UTC in reply to "Mac OS Users"
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So, you're saying that Linux has close to 30% of the Market?

Why do I find that hard to believe? If Linux had that high a number, the big companies would be bending over backward to produce hardware and software for it.

Of course, Linux will run on tons of hardware, but how much of it is not accessible due to lack of drivers, etc.?

Not sure where your number come from, man...

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