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Windows "There are a myriad of both subtle and fundamental differences in the basic architecture of Windows Server 2008, which could dramatically change not only the way it's used in the enterprise, but also the logical and physical structure of networks where it's the dominant OS. The abilities to consolidate servers, to manage hardware more effectively, to remotely manage hardware without the graphical traffic, and to radically alter the system security model, could present a more compelling argument for customers to plan their WS2K8 migrations now, than the arguments for moving from Windows 2000 to Server 2003."
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Colonel Panic
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I am testing it and it requires 512 minimum to install. Also, if you are thinking of running WSUS guess what? You need to install SQL server on another machine. Just how is that consolidating servers?

So far it's not too bad but I was looking for a better 2003 server and this is not it. They-(MS) want you to buy more modules, i.e. servers to implement their model. To me, that is not consolidation, that is buying more MS products to attain what you already have.

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