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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Recently I had a chance to spend some time with Fujitsu's P7230 ultraportable notebook. With a 10.6" LED-backlit LCD and a weight of less than 3lbs the system is just what many mobile fanatics are looking for, but such portability comes at a price. The P7230 is powered but a 1.2GHz Intel Core Solo U1400 processor, something that is great for the battery life, but does not have the power of its Core 2 Duo brethren. The single-core, low-voltage processor works well much of the time but chokes under the load brought on by intensive programs as well as multi-tasking. In attempt to get the most possible from the P7230 I decided to completely remove Vista in favor of Ubuntu 7.04."
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Sony U101
by konfoo on Tue 29th May 2007 17:38 UTC
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I have been running Ubuntu on a Sony U101 for almost 3 years - an example of the size / form factor can be seen here . It is a celeron 600A with 512Mb RAM and 1024x768 screen. Almost everything including power saving works with Feisty. However, forget about running 'bloat' like Beryl, or apps like Tomboy. It takes a little effort to trim down the memory usage but in the end it performs pretty well, even down to viewing XVid movies (I take it on vacations and road trips to dump/edit photos). It has enough speed to dump video from a firewire camcorder via 1394 and output to a USB2 attached hard drive in one fell swoop.

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