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Linux At its 10th anniversary and after a period of uncertainty for the RPM community, together with a new roadmap towards version 5.0 the project environment of the popular Unix software packaging tool RPM Package Manager was relaunched under the domain by the newly formed RPM project team, further on lead by RPM's primary developer Jeff Johnson. The primary goals of RPM 5.0 are the additional support for the XML based archiving format XAR, an integrated package dependency resolver, further improved portability and extended cross-platform support. Note: Please note that rpm5 is a fork of the 'real' rpm project.
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RPM Should die a quick and terrible death
by Nikato on Wed 30th May 2007 10:31 UTC
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RPM is the least usable, package management system I have ever seen. Dependency hell is a terrible place to be. It is because of RPM that I use linux distros with debian-based package management.

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