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Legal "Details of a controversial patent agreement between Microsoft and Novell have been revealed in Novell's SEC filings. The text of the agreement is now publicly available, but some parts - including one whole page - have been redacted. Although most of the details surrounding the agreement have already been disclosed, there are a few aspects of the deal that weren't previously known. Of particular interest is the language that describes exceptions to the patent indemnification agreement."
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RE: Linux should sue Microsoft
by jboss1995 on Wed 30th May 2007 16:11 UTC in reply to "Linux should sue Microsoft"
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You are 100% right. This is propagation slander. Put up or shut-up MS. Quit trying to tarnish everyone else so you look better. Does anyone else find this ironic that the company most noted for stealling ideas is now crying about it happening to them. They know how to work the system. Please no replies form MS drones who shun morals for a paycheck.

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