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Qt Trolltech has released version 4.3.0 of its cross-platform development toolkit Qt, and the embedded platform Qtopia, with the same API. New features include enhanced Windows Vista support, a new ECMAscript-standard scripting module (QtScript), SSL support, improved OpenGL support, a more flexible main window architecture, SVG generation and rendering, and (in Qtopia) a new font system and OpenGL ES support. More on the new features, and a full changelog. Open-source downloads of Qt (including Windows binary) here and Qtopia here.
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QtScript vs KJS
by mrcool on Wed 30th May 2007 22:41 UTC
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I wonder what is happening for KDE 4. Are they sticking with KJS, or will it eventually be replaced with QtScript?

Doesn't seem very efficient to have two ECMA scripting engines lying around. ;)

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