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Fedora Core Fedora 7 has been released. The release features GNOME 2.18, KDE 3.5.6, fast user switching, hotplugging of display devices, a new theme, kvm, the exprimental Nouveau driver, and much more. Read the release notes, and download or view screenshots.
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RE: Not starting a war
by MightyPenguin on Thu 31st May 2007 19:03 UTC in reply to "Not starting a war"
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A little dated (FC5) but probably still largely true.

I personally skipped down to the security section. That's where I find the biggest differences between Fedora and other distros.

"(8) SELinux is included in the default install. Fedora Core offers a whole bunch of extra security features like Exec-Shield, Compile Time Buffer Checks, ELF, Data Hardening, Restricted Kernel Memory access and more."

Few other distros have that many security features. (you hear me ubuntu?)

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