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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y At the D5 conference yesterday evening (CET), an historic joint interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates took place. They were interviewed by the WSJ's Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. Gates: "I admire Steve's taste. And that's not a joke." Jobs: "We've kept our marriage secret for over a decade now." You can find transcripts of the unscripted event here and here, while the AllThingsD website has started posting segments in video of the event as well.
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by Umbra on Thu 31st May 2007 21:17 UTC
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What a great show! 1000 thanks to WSJ & Mossberg for pulling this together!

After the show, I could not help asking my self this question: Which company (AAPL or MSFT) at present, is better positioned for bringing to market the next big things people will want (given the Jobs vision of the "post PC era devices" that will be the next big ting to be "computer/softwareized & redesigned)

Clearly Apple must be in a better position to make these new great devices as they can now materialize on delivering great hardware through great software. Microsoft can only deliver half of that equation, yet.

We saw Microsoft present the "table/surface" idea yesterday, but it looks like a somewhat distant "idea", or at least, a long way from going volume. As a reward MSFT was beaten down 1.34% today. This may not necessary reflect on the "surface" vision, but never the less, a disappointing "the day after" day for MSFT

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