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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y At the D5 conference yesterday evening (CET), an historic joint interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates took place. They were interviewed by the WSJ's Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. Gates: "I admire Steve's taste. And that's not a joke." Jobs: "We've kept our marriage secret for over a decade now." You can find transcripts of the unscripted event here and here, while the AllThingsD website has started posting segments in video of the event as well.
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by Matt24 on Fri 1st Jun 2007 12:12 UTC
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3 to 4 million a year jumping? Really? Show me the proof!

As far as rubbish XP is a very stable OS. Please explain to me "if" XP is rubbish then why do major companies like Wal-Mart and most hospital systems trust XP on their workstations.

If Apple had it's way then PC's would still cost over $4000.00 and the hardware would not be what it is today. Basically the PC/Linux market is capitalism while Apple is socialism. In other words the PC is the free market where new tech is born while Apple is a closed market big brother market that tells endusers what is good enough while will leeching the free market thus lagging behind in advancing tech outside of sleek looks.

Hey fanboys if 3 to 4 million are jumping then where is the 3rd party software developement? One would think all these software companies that write software for Windows would start writting OSX ports. Where oh where is the 3rd party software? Oh that's right Apple gives ya all you need! So pathetic!

Ok, here comes a little math: Apple will sell this year beteen 6 to 8 million Macs, 50% will go to first time buyers.

About quality, I am in the Windows support business, so I know what I am dealing with, MS generates far more work (support) in the IT world then Apple. MS did have an advantage over OSX until 10.2 (until that point the monopoly position was being established and used to gain access even into hospitals).

About thirdparty software, I bought for my Mac about 4 to 5 times as much thirdparty software then in my MS period, because of quality. For me the second reason never to turn back.

Ever realised that the creative world (music,video and publishing) is almost an exclusive OSX business?

I do agree with you that MS has managed to get XP quite stable but that does not mean it is not rubbish, MS has never had a clean and well designed OS.

About Vista, never mind..

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