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Windows Various sources are posting screenshots of the upcoming beta release of Longhorn, Microsoft's succesor to Windows XP. IE7 shots are also included. Due to the Slashdot-effect, mirrors are already available. Original source | mirror 1 | mirror 2. My take: Too much transparency.
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Everything in gui put on is for developers
by marcell on Mon 11th Jul 2005 13:22 UTC
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i think that too much transparency is there so devs can check if everything is all right. if you want to test everything you need to _have_ everything on. i'm quite sure final ui design will be reduced to something not ridiculous as the testing version. if they'll keep it, fine. that's better for floss.

anyway what i found interesting is "keywords" in media files browser... i hope beagle (actually reiser4 if possible or gnome or kde or whatever) will catch on that... i'm also interested how they implemented "keywords" or are there any changes in file system and wtf is happening about winfs.

they didn't improve cli at all. that is so stupid. there is probably some shell under bsd licence which they could use..... msdos prompt sucks big f* way...

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