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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "GNU/Linux is the most popular operating system built with free/open source software. However, it is not the only one: FreeBSD is also becoming popular for its stability, robustness and security. In this article, I'll take a look at their similarities and differences."
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I liked FreeBSD at one time better then linux as a server. FreeBSD is very well documented (The handbook is the best). Stability is a 10. Security is better then ok. An example, it comes installed with Sendmail, not as secure as Postfix. But stronger in other places. Most server (Bind, ISC-DHCP etc) are configured to run in sand-box by just specifying in rc.conf file (vary nice). But the real problem for me is in the mascot they chose to use. Being a Christian, I found it hard to ignore. I tried to convince myself by reading the article on why they chose that mascot. It worked for a while, but I'm not able to support or use something that would bring honor to the one that is responsible for the conditions that mankind is in today. And the one that slandered the one who gave me life, Jehovah God. The bible does not say that Satan is a red guy with horns carring a pitchfork but everyone knows who it represents. This may be off subject a bit but not really, when you are considering why people use one or the other. I would venture to say I'm not alone in why I do not use FreeBSD.

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