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AMD "Last year when AMD announced their acquisition of ATI it led many to wonder how this would impact the quality of their Linux support and driver. Some had even speculated that AMD would be opening the code to at least a subset of their graphics drivers, and while this issue has come up again more recently, we will cover this particular topic in a different article. In this article we will be exposing what truly consists of the ATI/AMD driver development cycle and ultimately what they are really doing to improve their image in the Linux community."
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my take
by Zedicus on Fri 1st Jun 2007 19:08 UTC
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PS3 uses nvidia video, unfortunatly.

as a pc technician for the last few years ive found that i personaly prefer ati video cards. not always the fastest. always good price/performance and always stable. ati has had some less then steller linux drivers in the past but personally the times ive tried an nvidia driver in linux its sucked just as bad or worse. not to mention with the hard core release schudule ati has stuck to the linux driver is improving by leaps and bounds, where as the nvidia driver kinda stragles along.

and i agree ati should open the protocols for the hardware, which they did on some older hardware, but nvidia hasnt even done that, nvidia provides no support for third party open source drivers. i could ratle on for days but i will stop before my blood presure goes up.

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