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Amiga & AROS Not too long ago, we announced that pigs could fly AmigaOS4 had found hardware to run on. In the weeks following the announcement, the specifications of the two different boards (high and low end) were announced, and ACK Controls, the manufacturer, promised to release the first developer boards mid May. It is now June, and there are no developer boards. No photos, nothing. The community also wonders, has any developer received the developer board from ACK? Believers say that the legal troubles in Amiga land are preventing ACK from releasing the boards, but they forget that ACK has actually promised the boards despite the legal troubles. It seems that they can't fly after all. Update: Adam of ACK Controls said in the linked thread on AmigaWorld: "There will only be a total of five developer systems sent to OS4 developers that will be responsible for drivers, HAL ports. When some of the smoke settles, more information will be released."
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RE[2]: How much for Amiga Inc?
by nicholas on Mon 4th Jun 2007 15:05 UTC in reply to "RE: How much for Amiga Inc?"
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Why don't just develop AROS without spending money on Amiga name?
The Amiga Inc effectively non-existing company.

For "t3h n4m3" silly. ;-)

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