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Benchmarks "We have developed a new package-management tool, called Opium, that improves on current tools in two ways: Opium is complete, in that if there is a solution, Opium is guaranteed to find it, and Opium can optimize a user-provided objective function, which could for example state that smaller packages should be preferred over larger ones. We performed a comparative study of our tool against Debian's apt-get on 600 traces of real-world package installations. We show that Opium runs fast enough to be usable, and that its completeness and optimality guarantees provide concrete benefits to end users."
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well it is a bit confusing on the freespire forums since everything I post gets turned into a negative bashing of spire....and I have to fend off ten people nit-picking everything I say....and might I suggest that if you do not care to discuss something then just ignore it - otherwise you are wasting everyones time. God knows that nobody on a forum or a internet news site has time to waste....

I appreciate the assumption that I haven't read the paper.....real nice. Nice way to keep it on a sane level and not cause someone to be upset and argumentative.

I appreciate that you read into my words that I think you are lying....nice way to discuss something.

Yes, you ran apt, but I didn't. Show ME not tell me about it.

The things I read seemed to suggest it was linspire and there warehouse - is that a good measure of apt performance considering they mix old/new packages which apt was likely never meant to handle?

Maybe answer a few of my questions specifically and I may not repeat them - or just keep repeating how you can guide the solver...yad yada...

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