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Debian and its clones FreeSoftwareMagazine takes a look at Debian as a desktop system, and they conclude: "I feel that Debian Etch is as good on the desktop as it is on the server. It has a long rich history, a strong community, is amazingly stable and is a great fit for both my servers and my laptop. I urge everyone to give it a go on the desktop."
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Lots of "bling"
by Crono on Tue 5th Jun 2007 19:34 UTC
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Or why would you use Synaptic on a Debian-system when aptitude is the recommended frontend? Even the Debian-developers say so.

The only reasons I can see are:
- "apt-get install" is faster than "aptitude install"
- Synaptic (which uses apt-get) is more "bling" ;-)
- You don't care if you have lots of orphaned packages on your system (or don't mind to remove them manually)
- You don't want to learn how to use aptitude's ncurses-frontend.

Seriously, it's not like there isn't any update-notifier which can run aptitude instead of Synaptic...

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