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Debian and its clones FreeSoftwareMagazine takes a look at Debian as a desktop system, and they conclude: "I feel that Debian Etch is as good on the desktop as it is on the server. It has a long rich history, a strong community, is amazingly stable and is a great fit for both my servers and my laptop. I urge everyone to give it a go on the desktop."
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RE[4]: finally
by melkor on Tue 5th Jun 2007 23:15 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: finally"
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You miss the gist of my argument. If Ubuntu is that good, and that much better than Debian, and doesn't need Debian as you suggest, then let Ubuntu stand on its own 2 feet and make its own packages from scratch, rather than using Debian made packages. See how far they get then.

I'm not talking about Debian stopping others from using their packages btw. I'm talking about Ubuntu putting its money where its mouth is, and voluntarily ceasing to use Debian packages. They'll never do it, because Mark @ Ubuntu knows he'd have a really tough time and would lose ground really quickly.


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