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Mac OS X The first alpha release of the native version of for Mac OS X (no X11 needed) has been released. "This is an alpha test version so that developers and users can find out what works and not, and make comments on how to improve it. There are a number of things that do not work in this version."
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RE: GNUStep?
by ValiSystem on Wed 6th Jun 2007 09:29 UTC in reply to "GNUStep?"
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I think that this Mac OS X port is written for carbon, not cocoa ... so no hope for a compatibility against *Step API.

Anyway, even if it would have been written in Cocoa, fighting with the least common denominator between cocoa and GNUStep would be a waste of time, especially for office apps that needs a lot graphics manipulation (barely to not at all portable) and not only standard widgets (which are highly portable).

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