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Linux The next stable update of the Linux kernel will bring advances in file system event monitoring, the Xtensa architecture, and a set of system calls that allows users to load another kernel from the currently executing Linux kernel. While the 2.6.13 –rc are currently being tested, the stable version is expected to be released in the next few weeks.
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RE[3]: Reiser4
by abraxas on Mon 29th Aug 2005 09:33 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Reiser4"
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With all due respect to the reiser team, they cannot just decide to rebuild the kernel VFS layer's functionality and get away with it.

Actually they can and that is exactly what Linus and other kernel hackers want. The problem is that no one wants to rewrite the VFS to include functionality that Reiser4 offers. It seems that Hans would rather have a completely seperate system that does not use the Linux VFS, or at least he doesn't seem to be keen on modifiying the current VFS to fit Reiser4's needs.

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