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Mac OS X Perhaps overcome with excitement (and forgetting that Apple doesn't like such pre-emptive disclosures), Sun's Jonathan Schwartz announced today at Sun event in D.C. that Apple would be making ZFS 'the file system' in OSX 10.5 Leopard. "In fact, this week you'll see that Apple is announcing at their Worldwide Developer Conference that ZFS has become the file system in Mac OS X."
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"Time Machine" is probably just a GUI for ZFS snapshots.

Windows and Linux have similar snapshot features of their own, but with GUIs more sketchy than what Apple will probably provide.

The snapshot concept is an unintuitive one at first, before you grasp what is going on. Basically the OS constantly monitors the file system, and only updates snapshots retroactively as their view on the world is changed. So if I take a snapshot of my file system every 5 minutes but change no files all day, then no extra space (other than negligible overhead) will be taken up.

When I delete or change a file after taking those snapshots, one copy of that file is kept, which is then pointed to by every snapshot that was taken when the file was in that state.

So on a computer with plenty of CPU, memory, hard drive space, and non-epic amounts of file system changes (ie most PCs), automatic snapshots can be taken all the time. Then when you want to retrieve a backup, there could be a GUI that shows you snapshots and file versions, as well as being able to right-click on a file and see the different versions of it that are available.

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