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Debian and its clones FreeSoftwareMagazine takes a look at Debian as a desktop system, and they conclude: "I feel that Debian Etch is as good on the desktop as it is on the server. It has a long rich history, a strong community, is amazingly stable and is a great fit for both my servers and my laptop. I urge everyone to give it a go on the desktop."
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RE[7]: finally
by sbergman27 on Wed 6th Jun 2007 22:17 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: finally"
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i dont mind that ubuntu is popular. i do mind that they pee in the stream though. they break debian compatibility

Earth to Zedicus... Earth to Zedicus...

Debian is not the only strong .deb based distro in the world now.

Who is to say that Debian does not break Ubuntu compatibility? After all, there are more Ubuntu users than Debian users, now.

I really think that it is time to stop worrying about maintaining supremacy, and start worrying more about working together effectively.

Isn't that what we all want, after all?

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