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Internet & Networking "Netscape is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Netscape Navigator 9.0 Beta 1. The release is now available for download from for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Some of Navigator 9's new features are listed here; for a complete list, see What's New in Netscape Navigator 9? at"
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I actually tried it......and I like it!
by wocowboy on Thu 7th Jun 2007 10:38 UTC
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Sounds like none of the previous posters have tried out this new browser, instead just rehashing ancient history. I say "new browser" because it bears NO resemblance to the Netscape of old. I downloaded it onto my Intel iMac and I have to say that it is very fast at loading pages, feels noticeably faster than Firefox actually. I like the look and the new features, while not all are anything I need, they work and are pretty cool. Someone has put some good thought into the program.

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