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Qt After several technical previews and betas, Trolltech has launched Qt Jambi (Qt for Java) as a product under a dual licensing model (commercial and GPL license). There are also some product information and demos, and downloads for open source versions.
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RE: Well, cool
by anda_skoa on Thu 7th Jun 2007 11:07 UTC in reply to "Well, cool"
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One thing I'm really not clear on, though, is whether the end (Windows/Mac) user has to have something like a "Qt runtime" installed on their computer in order for the app to work.

This depends on the way of application deployment.

If it is a normal Java application, it needs to either rely on JRE and Jambi being already installed, or it is bundling them in its installer.

If it is a Java WebStart application, the WebStart framework will take care of installing these dependencies.

From the application's point of view and thuse the application developer's and application user's point of view it is just like any other Java application using an additional class library with native parts.

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