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Qt After several technical previews and betas, Trolltech has launched Qt Jambi (Qt for Java) as a product under a dual licensing model (commercial and GPL license). There are also some product information and demos, and downloads for open source versions.
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Cool and all ...
by acobar on Thu 7th Jun 2007 12:48 UTC
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but what I would like to know is how it compares to swing/swt/awt speedwise and in regards to native platform look and feel.

Of course, if you are a qt follower, no doubts, it is just what you were looking for. But for most of us already using one or other toolkit, what it brings to the table (other than consolidation, what, for sure, is pretty good) in the case it has similar shortcomings as of swing/swt/awt?

If it has other advantages/improvements over swing/swt/awt, I will sit and try to learn how to use it but, as everyone knows, toolkits now are really huge and demands lots of time to get used to and we need good reasons to shift to a new one.

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