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Qt After several technical previews and betas, Trolltech has launched Qt Jambi (Qt for Java) as a product under a dual licensing model (commercial and GPL license). There are also some product information and demos, and downloads for open source versions.
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RE[3]: Well, cool
by anda_skoa on Thu 7th Jun 2007 15:26 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Well, cool"
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Do regular (C++, native-compiled) Qt apps also need Qt installed on the (Windows/Mac) end user's system?

Yes, the libraries need to be present at application runtime, so they can either be installed separately or come bundled with the applications.

On Windows and Mac OSX the second option is usually preferred, though, similar to the Java Runtime Environment, it would be possible to install it only once into a system directory.

Also, as someone else asked, what advantages might Qt Jambi bring to the average Java developer over Swing and SWT?

I am not sure this is the most usueful angle to look at it. I think the main question is: what advantages might Qt Jambi bring to the average Qt developer over C++

Examples would be:
- crossplatform IDE support through the Eclipse plugin

- huge number of Java utility libraries

- comparably trivial plugin handling (Class.forName vs. C based dlopen/dlsym)

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