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OSNews, Generic OSes A minor extra release of MINIX 3.1.3 was done, called 3.1.3a, correcting some flaws in 3.1.3. "Found after release time and fixed in 3.1.3a: mkfs does not check for overflow of firstdatazone field in superblock; a missing check in rename caused moving directories to hang sometimes; autopart truncates new partitions at 4GB. If you want to create a larger partition, use part (expert mode) to do that first; and more."
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RE[2]: "Core dumps are broken."
by ml2mst on Sat 9th Jun 2007 22:18 UTC in reply to "RE: "Core dumps are broken.""
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Seems to be written mostly by students without a clue.

Well well, you can always offer your coding skills to the project, if you think you can do better than those lame clueless students.

If you'd ever read one of AST's books, you would never make such claims.

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