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Windows Early adopters of Microsoft's new Vista operating system are reporting problems with its implementation of IPv6, a long-anticipated upgrade to the Internet's primary protocol. "Vista is showing some serious deficiencies around IPv6 and IPv4 insofar as their compliance or the transparency of their compliance around IP behaviors," says Loki Jorgenson, chief scientist for Apparent Networks, a provider of network assessment and optimization tools.
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RE[2]: MS= Much Suckage
by sonic2000gr on Mon 11th Jun 2007 16:06 UTC in reply to "RE: MS= Much Suckage"
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I agree, all OSes have bugs and the occasional security flaw. But MS consistently fails to deliver correctly even basic, every day functionality. Example (faced recently): Windows explorer cannot copy files with paths that exceed 259 chars. Mind you, this happens on Win 2003 Server, their flagship server OS. What good is a Server that allows users to create these files and then denies them copying them? And this is an old Win2K bug that is still here, 7 years later. Enough said.

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