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Apple Tonight (19:00 CET), Apple's CEO Steve Jobs will deliver his keynote speech for the attendants of Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference in San Fransisco. As always, the Mac world is buzzing with rumours. Firstly, a photo taken with a camera phone suggests Apple will release a sub-notebook, with a 10" LED widescreen, 120GB flashdrive, and a programmable LCD keyboard. Another persistent rumour is that Apple will replace its iMac line with thinner, brushed-metal 20" and 24" iMacs. Lastly, a German website claims to have an outline of the keynote speech - this outline confirms the new iMacs, but also has some interesting notes on Leopard: a unified, standard theme (this alone would make the keynote worthwhile for me), a new Finder, resolution independence, and more. As always, take these rumours with a bag of salt.
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RE: Take it to the Maximus?
by Dually on Mon 11th Jun 2007 16:56 UTC in reply to "Take it to the Maximus?"
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Also, I don't know how I feel about flash based drives yet. I still think writes are too low to have anything longterm.

I will be assuming it will be a 120GB hybrid based drive with flash for a buffer. Samsung has had these for a year or two. They use reduced power and can increase boot times and app load tiems.

Samsung’s MH80 Series hybrid hard drive is offered in 80GB, 120GB and 160GB capacities. It combines a 2.5-inch hybrid hard drive with 128 or 256 megabytes of OneNAND flash memory.

The addition of the flash memory has the effect of lowering power consumption of the drive while supporting faster read/write access than traditional hard drives, said Samsung.

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