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Windows Early adopters of Microsoft's new Vista operating system are reporting problems with its implementation of IPv6, a long-anticipated upgrade to the Internet's primary protocol. "Vista is showing some serious deficiencies around IPv6 and IPv4 insofar as their compliance or the transparency of their compliance around IP behaviors," says Loki Jorgenson, chief scientist for Apparent Networks, a provider of network assessment and optimization tools.
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by airwedge1 on Mon 11th Jun 2007 17:16 UTC
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Probably designed to be non-compliant. Using there high percentage market share to bully people. If isps want to use ipv6, they'll have to use non-compliant networking for use with Vista. They probably have some stupid patents around the non-compliant code. isps no longer compliant. Good compliant code won't work with the non-compliant. If another OS tries to make there system work with the bs non-compliant code, ms cries patent violation. Seems like a stretch, but when we are dealing with MS, the most scandalous explanation is usually the right one.

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