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Apple At its Worldwide Developers Conference today in San Fransisco, Apple discussed its upcoming operating system, Mac OS X Leopard. As always, Steve held his keynote speech wearing his well-known ensemble. The keynote dealt mostly with Leopard, while keeping the most interesting part for last. Read on for the details. Update: Read more for a screenshot of Safari running on Windows... Barely.
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Actually, Stacks sound very much like Piles:

Which was patented by Apple back in 1994.

There have been many rumors since Panther that "Piles" would find it's way into OS X. Looks like Piles turned into Stacks and are now part of Leopard. I think this is a great addition to the Finder/iTunes conglomeration that it has become.

I welcome the new Finder.

Writing this in Safari 3 on Windows XP. Speaking of which, it seems that it takes Vista a lot longer to install Safari than XP. But overall, I have been having a good time with speeds and stability with Safari, though I guess time will tell.

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