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Apple At its Worldwide Developers Conference today in San Fransisco, Apple discussed its upcoming operating system, Mac OS X Leopard. As always, Steve held his keynote speech wearing his well-known ensemble. The keynote dealt mostly with Leopard, while keeping the most interesting part for last. Read on for the details. Update: Read more for a screenshot of Safari running on Windows... Barely.
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RE[2]: Safari on Vista
by Jules on Mon 11th Jun 2007 23:02 UTC in reply to "RE: Safari on Vista"
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A.f.a.i.k. Safari has a default setting that prevents it from displaying content before everything can be rendered in one go. This delay is a 'feature' to prevent the infamous fouc (flash of un-formatted content).
So you'll rarely ever see a page actually being built, as - in my experience - is often visible in IE.

I'm not saying Safari's method is necessarily better, but it's a valid choice.

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