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Apple When Steve Jobs mentioned a few weeks ago that there will be "some sort of app development" for the iPhone, everyone assumed he meant widgets. Widgets are less powerful than native applications, and depending on the underlying OS hooks offered, they can be even less powerful than J2ME apps. But when Jobs came out today to outright sell us Web 2.0 and said that "no SDK required", I felt cheated.
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Why the surprise?
by Maciek on Tue 12th Jun 2007 03:41 UTC
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Honestly, if Apple wanted to make a true OS X "Mobile Edition" handheld device, then the product would have been branded as such. The iPhone is exactly what the name implies: a smart-phone, with some better than usual sugar-coating that assists a typical Joe in his mobile communication. AJAX-based widgety apps are more than sufficient to implement such features, as the LDAP address book demonstration during the keynote showed.

I find it hard to believe that Apple would leave it all up to the developers to mimic the UI, etc. without some utilities, so I'm sure we'll see at least some SDK package as far as an AJAX "Web 2.0" framework and more specific explanations of hooks to the iPhone OS. That said, I also bet a shiny penny that the framework APIs/ABIs will be reverse-engineered the moment someone figures out how to dump the system.

There's no doubt that Apple is leaving a gap in their product line, but that's all the more incentive to watch out for new bomb-shells at MacWorld '08. ;)

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