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Apple When Steve Jobs mentioned a few weeks ago that there will be "some sort of app development" for the iPhone, everyone assumed he meant widgets. Widgets are less powerful than native applications, and depending on the underlying OS hooks offered, they can be even less powerful than J2ME apps. But when Jobs came out today to outright sell us Web 2.0 and said that "no SDK required", I felt cheated.
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by Luminair on Tue 12th Jun 2007 09:37 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Exactly..."
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There is no doubt that there are at LEAST 10 million people out there would be very satisfied with the best phone, music player, video player, SMS, street mapping, and web browser all in one device. It's just a question of price for most of them. If Apple doesn't reach their sales goals at the first price, they'll change the value proposition as much as possible until the goals are met.

I think you trip up in thinking that this is just a "smartphone". That's like calling a Mac "just a computer". Style sells just like sex does. The crazy people in the Jobs Reality Distortion Field are buying Apple products for different reasons than Windows PC or Windows Mobile buyers. So between nerds (HTC users?) and normal people (nokia users?) and Mac people, I think they will find a healthy market.

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