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Apple When Steve Jobs mentioned a few weeks ago that there will be "some sort of app development" for the iPhone, everyone assumed he meant widgets. Widgets are less powerful than native applications, and depending on the underlying OS hooks offered, they can be even less powerful than J2ME apps. But when Jobs came out today to outright sell us Web 2.0 and said that "no SDK required", I felt cheated.
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The telecom industry cares very much about your VOIP needs. They care about suppressing them. The carriers are like the mafia. The carriers would rather break your legs than allow existing customers to know how much they are getting ripped off. The carriers will do anything in their power to keep anyone from devaluing their services.

Apple and smart users are too weak to break the status quo. The big handheld providers could do it but that would risk breaking what already works for them, and that is bad business. The smart users combined with open source initiatives might be able to do the deed as good hardware becomes cheaper.

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