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Apple When Steve Jobs mentioned a few weeks ago that there will be "some sort of app development" for the iPhone, everyone assumed he meant widgets. Widgets are less powerful than native applications, and depending on the underlying OS hooks offered, they can be even less powerful than J2ME apps. But when Jobs came out today to outright sell us Web 2.0 and said that "no SDK required", I felt cheated.
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Thinking of it
by Anacardo on Tue 12th Jun 2007 11:31 UTC
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One of the main strongest pluses of the iphone is the new innovative interface. Let's be honest here, the only reason I would buy an iphone is the fact that current generation phones and smartphones share a wrecked unuseful interface. Be it UIQ or WMobile 6 I don't really care, they sucks. Now, if these "applications" cannot get advantage of the new interface, if they cannot benefit from the ease of use, the percieved speed and the overall feeling of the iphone, I believe one of the strongest points of the device is getting down the drain (at least it does if you're not happy with the small amount of built in apps). Not only that, but these "apps" would be definitely be more unfreindly than pocketpc uiq counterparts. For example do not underestimate the fact that you'll have to launch safari before launching your application. It simply sucks even more than the launcher on my uiq. Then how about running multiple apps via multitasking? How about background-running applications? Utilities? How would you do that with safari? I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to think this web 2.0 thing wasn't the right thing to do.

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