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In the News A recent IDC report showed Linux servers continuing to increase market share for x86 architecture with a second consecutive quarter of double-digit growth, but the bigger news could be Microsoft's even bigger surge with Server 2003. The software giant's Server 2003 showed modest gains in Q1, with IDC reporting that Microsoft Windows Server revenue was USD 4.8 billion in Q1. This number represents 10.4% year-over-year growth and a gain of 1.9 points of revenue market share over the same period in 2006. Windows encompassed 38.8% of all server revenue in Q1 of 2007.
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RE: Interesting arguments!
by lindkvis on Tue 12th Jun 2007 12:49 UTC in reply to "Interesting arguments!"
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"Not only is the software cheaper (per seat), but the support is cheaper. And many would argue, better. Let's look at Redhat's offerings: "

This is dishonest for at least two reasons:
1.You completely neglect to mention some of the biggest cost factor in Microsoft solutions; Client Access Licenses and Terminal Server Access licenses.

The Red Hat server offerings allows you to use an unlimited number of clients to access each server. The Microsoft server offerings do NOT. Look at the pricing here:

It adds up pretty quickly. Including 25 clients, it costs USD 3999,-, a fair bit more than than the prices quoted by Red Hat. Also note that the prices quoted for Windows Server only includes business hours support, thus it is not fair to compare these prices with Red Hat's 24x7 support options, but rather the 12x5 ones.

2. The Red Hat server support pricing includes support for an enourmous amount of server software that Windows 2003 pricing do not.

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