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Mac OS X As you have surely noticed by now, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs held his keynote speech yesterday at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. So far, the responses have been mixed; I have seen a lot of excitement, but also a lot of disappointment. Personally, I am not really sure where I stand.
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RE[2]: Copied from what ?
by Duffman on Tue 12th Jun 2007 16:52 UTC in reply to "RE: Copied from what ?"
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The dock was not 'created' by Apple. RISC OS already had a dock in 1987, 2 years before NEXT, and I'm sure there have been similar implementations before.

The Risc OS icon bar is not the same thing as shown in the wikipedia.
The Dock is a graphical user interface feature first introduced in the NeXTSTEP and OPENSTEP operating systems, and radically changed and refined in Mac OS X, where it behaves more like the Apple Newton's Newton OS Dock.

A similar feature, called the Icon Bar, has been a fundamental part of the RISC OS operating system and its predecessor Arthur since its inception, beginning in 1987, which pre-dated the NeXTSTEP dock (released in 1989). However, upon further examination the differences are quite noticeable.

Now your points as you think for me, I will think for you:
When discussing Linux: logical evolution or "shameless" copy as you said.
When discussing Apple: always copying/stealing never innovating.

Anyway, when you take a look at Mac OS X 10.0 screenshots and then you take a look at the Sun dock in Looking Glass, only a dishonest guy can say that Apple is copying Sun.

They have it since 2001, and they just change in Leopard the way the outline is drawn...

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