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Window Managers ROX-Filer 2.6.1 has been released. ROX-Filer is the filemanager at the core of the ROX desktop. "Some problems with session management were fixed. This makes it easier to use ROX-Filer with gnome-session and similar. When creating thumbnails, we can now use a thumbnail embedded in an Exif image, which speed things up. A couple of build problems were fixed."
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ROX rocks
by mzilikazi on Tue 12th Jun 2007 19:39 UTC
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ROX filer has features that you just can't find anywhere else like new files displayed in bold - oh so handy when you dropped a file into a dir w/ 200 other files - the bold really stands out. Also ROX has TAB completion for quick directory navigation and this functionality works in reverse too w/ BKSPC key. Double click on any blank space within the filer window and the window is automatically resized so that it's just large enough to see all contents of that particular directory. When using Drag & Drop a menu appears and offers you the option to copy or move instead of just deciding for you. Of course all of these options are configurable to your liking. ROX does take some getting used to but after 4+ years of use I find it difficult to work with any other file manager especially if it's done in the tired old win32 explorer style.

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