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Games Despite what many (including myself) thought when EA announced they would support the Mac platform, the games EA will release are actually not native ports - instead, they will use Transgaming's Cider engine, a Wine-like wrapper for running Windows games on Intel Macs. This news was found in a Transgaming press release. Apart from the fact that this might negatively affect performance, it also means PowerPC Macs will not be able to play these games.
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RE: I wonder when
by Best on Tue 12th Jun 2007 23:57 UTC in reply to "I wonder when"
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They have to know the API though, since the PS2, PS3, Wii and Gamecube all use OpenGL.

As for negatively effecting performance, even if it does it should be negligible. I've been using transgaming's Wine on Linux for years without ever having speed issues, just compatibility ones.

If anything will really disappoint me, it will be if Transgaming have gotten EA to release these games for the Mac and ignored a bringing them to Linux.

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