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In the News A recent IDC report showed Linux servers continuing to increase market share for x86 architecture with a second consecutive quarter of double-digit growth, but the bigger news could be Microsoft's even bigger surge with Server 2003. The software giant's Server 2003 showed modest gains in Q1, with IDC reporting that Microsoft Windows Server revenue was USD 4.8 billion in Q1. This number represents 10.4% year-over-year growth and a gain of 1.9 points of revenue market share over the same period in 2006. Windows encompassed 38.8% of all server revenue in Q1 of 2007.
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RE: Interesting arguments!
by emoreau on Wed 13th Jun 2007 03:06 UTC in reply to "Interesting arguments!"
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Ouch! What a bozo!

I am seeing more and more Linux servers where I work.
The place used to be a Unix place, but some
dumb-ass CEO asked for Windows servers.

I work as a consultant, and I see the same
Linux growth at my clients companies.

And those Linux servers are taken care of
by regular IT staff.
Not old Unix gurus, sometimes youngters fresh
out of school.
Today's average 14 years old nerds can
administrate a Linux box, it's no longer a secret art.

And no, IT staff are not necesseraly buying support contracts.
By the way, have you ever contacted
Microsoft's support. It's horrible. Most of the
time, you end up with nothing useful and a
huge bill. Community-based help is way more useful.

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