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GNU, GPL, Open Source Linux leader Linus Torvalds has finally found something that could convince him that the forthcoming version 3 of the General Public License is worth adopting: open-source Solaris. "If Sun really is going to release OpenSolaris under GPL 3, that may be a good reason" to move Linux to the new license, Torvalds said in a posting to the Linux kernel mailing list on Monday. "I don't think the GPL 3 is as good a license as 2, but on the other hand, I'm pragmatic, and if we can avoid having two kernels with two different licenses and the friction that causes, I at least see the reason for GPLv3."
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unless the software is using glibc which is under LGPL. but that may change, so future glibc will be under GPLv3. and any software using glibc cannot run under linux kernel.

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