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Apple Ars has reviewed the new MacBook Pro. "The latest MacBook Pros are a solid upgrade from their predecessor, thanks to the new Santa Rosa platform. If you already have a 17" MacBook Pro and aren't dying for the higher-resolution display, don't bother upgrading. If, however, you have been sitting on the fence with an old G4 or Core Duo laptop, this is a worthy upgrade. If you like your laptops large and in charge, I strongly recommend the 17" MacBook Pro."
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thanks for the reply; but I'm a typical technology nut; going for the highend product (17" is too big).

I'm not going to use it for video editing regularly, but maybe here and there; but I wonder if 256MB video memory is going to the minimum for video editing 2 years down the road; since I'm planning on keeping it for about 4 years.

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