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Internet & Networking For companies like Microsoft and Mozilla, Safari coming to Windows means that one more competitor will be thrown into the Windows browser battlefield. While neither company has expressed dismay with Apple's decision to put Safari on Windows, on Monday executives from both Microsoft and Mozilla expressed a lack of concern for their new (Windows) foe.
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Much work needed
by Chuck Norris on Thu 14th Jun 2007 01:14 UTC
Chuck Norris
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I installed it here, and... It's less than alpha quality. I can't type text, be it in the location bar, in the search bar, or inside the web page. I can't change the web page either, the tool bar doesn't show up, there's no tab, no keyboard shortcut work, and as soon as you type a key, the browser crashes. RAM usage is very high also, which is strange, being a KHTML browser. OS integration is terrible, it looks like iTune and Quick Time, being an OS X application (obviously!). The only page that it displays is the web site but text is not rendered (only images). When they fix all these bugs, it will be interesting for webdevs to test their sites in Safari (not everyone has a Mac). But I don't expect many people to use it as a default browser.

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